As at 27/9/16

First Name Surname Boat Name Fleet you will be Sailing in Race Fees Safety Cert Received
Peter Fielder Midnight Magic Crusing Yes Yes
Robert Mann Lucy Etchell Yes Yes
Burke Melia No Mercy Etchell Yes Yes
David Baldwin Volante V Etchell Yes Yes
Steve Orourke   Etchell Yes  
Paul Kelly Blew Away - Eureka 10.4 Sports 6515 Inshore Yes Yes
Barry Grimshaw Buckets - J24 Inshore Yes  
Russell Barnes Endless Summer- Hanse 385 PH3850 Inshore Yes Yes
Martin Bridgeman Hoodares - Hood 23 PH23 Inshore Yes Yes
Angela Bates Ice Doctor- Tyco - Half Ton Yacht 2064 Inshore Yes  
Phil Rogers JamJardel - RL24 PH17 Inshore Yes Yes
Tony Landers Jargon - J24 AUS094 Inshore Yes Yes
Chris Merfield Katiki Katanga - J24 AUS62 Inshore Yes Yes
Bill Dickson Keeled Over Inshore Yes  
Martin Collins Lap of the Gods -Ross 830 4786 Inshore Yes Yes
David Mckay McKay Marine Inshore Yes Yes
George Birdsal Motherbird IV Inshore Yes  
Max Sellars Only a Journey Inshore Yes Yes
Barry Ryan Pinot Inshore Yes Yes
Robert Croucheer Red Riding Inshore Yes Yes
Steve Wright Renaissance Inshore Yes Yes
Brenton Milner Sarsala Inshore Yes Yes
Jared Macquart SeastheJ Inshore Yes Yes
Michael Reynolds Slippery Fish Inshore Yes Yes
Fiona Campbell Vertigo Inshore Yes Yes
Colin Boyle Vudu XpressO Inshore Yes Yes
Graeme Thorburn Wavecutter II Inshore Yes Yes 
Keith Chidzey Eat Dessert First- Corsair Sprint 750 750 Multihull Yes Yes
Paul Booth Juggernaut - Multihull N107 Multihull Yes Yes
Brent Vaughan Multihull V21 Multihull Yes  
Paul Smit Viento - Schionning 1480 Catamaran Multihull Yes Yes
Adam Lewis Wild Goose Multihull Yes Yes
Paul Smit Frisky II Multihull NO Yes
Adam Pilic Huzar 28 - Day Racer 6853 Non Spinnaker Yes  
Steve Piggott Somewhere Non Spinnaker Yes Yes
Christine Short Shortbush Not Known at this time Yes Yes
Greg Brand BrandX- Hick35 PR33 Offshore Yes Yes
Kristy Buchan Color Tile - sayer 44 67 Offshore Yes Yes
Brian Evans Flash Dance II- Adams/ Radford PF57 Offshore Yes  
Steve Blackman Golden Era - Holland 30 PH20 Offshore Yes Yes
Peter Edwards Preddytor Offshore Yes Yes
Pete Van Ryn Sea Hawk Offshore Yes Yes
PETER HAMILTON Slip Stream Offshore Yes Yes
Glenn Smith Steadfast Offshore Yes Yes
Corinne Feldmann The Banshee Offshore Yes Yes
Bruce Mckay Wasabi Offshore Yes Yes


If you need to have a safety audit processed on your boat please contact one of the saftey officers prior to the first race. NOT on race day.

Only boats with current safety Certificates will be provided race results.