Come along to get the club ready for the summer sailing season. Job list will be available on the day with a large variety of jobs for all abilities.

 Paul K will have a load of jobs ready for all to help on 

Job List 

  1. Cool room floor cleaned out and repainted
  2. New ropes on dock                  [ Jacob Team Leader ]
  3. Timbers in middle of pontoons  [ Blacky  Team Leader]                           
  4. Lights on Tenders checked       [  Mark Brady  Team Leader]
  5. Paint walls downstairs             [  Bronwyn Team Leader]                        
  6. Clean BBQ upstairs & old BBQ downstairs   [  Bronwyn Team Leader]               
  7. Clean upstairs deck near BBQ     [  Bronwyn Team Leader]                                                        
  8. Downstairs kitchen install new bench but cupboards first  [  Mark Brady  Team Leader]
  9. Upstairs chairs all outside and office cleared
  10. 10 Racking system sorted in boatshed  [  mark Team Leader]     
  11. Workbench down stairs cleaned and organised     
  12. Driveway lines sprayed    [ Pil Team Leader ]
  13. upstairs bar floor cleaned
  14. Gardens and outside area cleaned and whipper snippered back
  15. Smoking area revamped  [ Paul Team Leader ]
  16. Upstairs Kitchen fridge cleaned
  17. Wash down outside of the club



The list will continue to grow-