Youth Sailing Overview

 Cronulla Sailing Club has developed a new Youth Development Sailing Program for youth sailors from 7 years old with the objective of providing the following:

  1. an environment for youth to be ‘introduced to’ and ‘create a lifelong love of’ sailing.
  2. the opportunity for youth to continually develop their sailing skills through a variety of different experiences
  3. a pathway for youth to participate in club, state and national sailing regattas and events
  4. a fun and engaging environment to develop a passion for sailing
  5. develop a foundation of knowledge and skills of sailing that youth can carry into their adulthood and other sailing programs beyond the youth program

Development Pathway

The club has created a development pathway to support youth in the development of their skills and knowledge.


For youth new to sailing their journey starts with one of our school holiday Learn to Sail programs which will allow them to develop the necessary skills to move into subsequent sailing programs.

To register in any of these programs please go to the relevant page for more information and how to join the program.

The pathway is flexible and allows youth to:

  1. progress at different rates acknowledging that different youth progress at different rates/speeds
  2. participate in a variety of different programs that provide exposure either in dedicated skills development training, social racing and/or social and fun activities. 

 Further details in relation to each of these programs are provided with this website.

Boat Pathway

Different boats require different levels of skills and knowledge to be successfully sailed.

It is acknowledged that as youth develop additional skills, they will be able to progress to sailing more technical boats.


The pathway also allows youth to pursue either single or double handed boats depending upon their preference.